KPLC’s 2021 Crawfish Price Check

KPLC’s 2021 Crawfish Price Check
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Crawfish prices are updated each Friday.

All prices are per pound unless otherwise noted.

RESTAURANT LOCATION PRICE (per pound unless otherwise noted)
BeauxDines’ Lake Charles BOILED: $5.99 dine-in; $4.99 to-go.
Boulet’s Boil-N-Go Sulphur BOILED: $4.75.
Captain’s Table Lake Charles BOILED: $6.59.
Circle 7 Seafood & Daiquiri Hut Lake Charles BOILED: $4.97. LIVE: Lg. $2.50 Md. $2.
Cody’s Crawfish Shop Sulphur BOILED: $4.99.
Darrell’s Jennings LIVE: $2.
Fire and Spice Lake Charles BOILED: $4.99.
Habetz Family Crawfish Jennings BOILED: $4.99.
Heads or Tails Moss Bluff BOILED: $5.75.
Hollier’s Sulphur TO GO: $5.99. $17.95 for 3lbs. $29.95 for 5lbs.
Honey B Ham Lake Charles BOILED: $6.79 dine-in; $5.99 to-go.
Hot Spot Moss Bluff BOILED: $4.99.
J&R Kinder BOILED: $4.75.
JT’s Seafood Lake Charles BOILED: $4.99.
John Mo’s Crawdads Iowa BOILED: $6.15.
Lebleu’s Landing Sulphur BOILED: $3.99 to-go 3lbs. $12.95 and 5lbs. $19.95.
Mac’s Crawfish Lake Charles BOILED: $5.99, potatoes and sauce included.
Neptune’s Retaurant Elton 3 Lbs. $16.50 5Lbs. $27.50.
Paradise Crawfish Lake Charles CLOSED THIS WEEK.
Paradise Daiquiris Moss Bluff BOILED: $5.
Paradise Daiquiris Sulphur BOILED: $5.
Richard’s Sulphur BOILED: $5.29 to-go.
Rikenjaks Lake Charles BOILED: $27.95 for 5 pounds.
Rouses BOILED: 10lb. Special $2.79. LIVE: $2.19.
Roy’s Meat Market Iowa BOILED: $4.50.
Steamboat Bill’s Broad Street BOILED: $6.60.
Steamboat Bill’s DeRidder BOILED: $5.49.
Steamboat Bill’s Lakeshore BOILED: $7.99.
TaD’s Lake Charles BOILED: $5.99.

We update prices every Friday. If you would like to add your restaurant to our list, please e-mail your restaurant name, location, pricing and contact information to Please send in information by 6 p.m. Thursday to be included in Friday’s list.

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