Educators get first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at local charter schools

Educators get vaccinated at local charter schools

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Teachers and school staff are now eligible in Louisiana to get a COVID-19 vaccination, as the faculty at Lake Charles College Prep Charter School received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine Wednesday morning.

“Having the staff receive their vaccine will help keep a lot of us in the classrooms,” said GeMar Braxton, the school nurse at LCCP.

Braxton organized the vaccination event by partnering with Boudreaux’s pharmacy.

“I have been very excited to be able to bring this help partnering - bringing this here to the school. A lot of staff members are concerned for their students, their family and community - doing their part to be protected.”

Braxton believes in the science of the vaccine, and she says that she is happy educators now have a chance to get it.

“We certainly believe our teachers, our staff, are frontline or essential workers. Then to see the excitement from them about having the opportunity, you know, it’s a good day,” said Charter Schools Interim Superintendent Henry Mancuso.

He says many of the staff members over the age of 65 have already gotten the vaccine.

“So, many of the faculty members that are here, are younger,” said Mancuso

Now, more than half of staff members have gotten a vaccine. Mancuso said it’s a big step toward getting students back in the classroom full time.

“Providing a safe environment for our students to learn really begins with the people in front of the classroom.”

More charter schools in the area will soon be getting their first dose. Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy and Lake Charles Charter Academy are having their vaccines administered Thursday.

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