Cameron Parish deputy’s home destroyed

Cameron Parish deputy's home destroyed

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - A Cameron Parish deputy, with a long history of helping the community, fell victim to our most recent round of harsh weather. Her home in Sulphur was destroyed by a fire.

There wasn’t much Cameron Parish deputy Elizabeth Breaux could do as she, “Just sat on the road and watched it burn.”

It had already been a rough week for the Breaux family. The cold weather caused a pipe in the home to burst just the day before causing a lot of damage to the home’s interior.

“She was packing up actually to put stuff, what the could salvage, from the water damage in storage,” said the Breaux’s family friend Kathrine Cristopher.

Christopher said she couldn’t even imaging being in her friends’ shoes right now. Breaux’s husband, Darien, wasn’t home at the time, but he was talking to Elizabeth over the phone.

“While I was talking to her on the phone, I heard some screaming and hollering going on, and next thing I know, she says the house is on fire,” said Darien Breaux.

The water shortages in Sulphur made putting out the fire difficult. Elizabeth Breaux said it took fire officials three hours to put the fire out. Once the flame was calmed, very little was left behind. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

“I’m on a run of bad luck right now,” said Darien Breaux.

Cristopher said she is hoping to help turn that luck around.

“I figured that - start a GoFundMe, and help the best that I could at that point in time.”

Trying to stay optimist, Elizabeth Breaux is still taking the loss of family memories the hardest.

“The grief, the sadness and heartbreakingness, and all my baby stuff and my kids’ baby stuff - you know just everything’s gone, and it’s not replaceable,” said Elizabeth Breaux.

The deputy is well known statewide for her act of kindness in October 2020. She is the Cameron parish deputy who helped rescue Pete the Pelican by keeping him in her squad car until help could get there. Now, the tables have turned, and she’s the one in need of a kind and helping hand.

Christopher wants to use the GoFundMe as way to help rebuild her friends lives, “Sadly, the irreplaceable stuff, memories, we can’t replace, but do our best to replace what they lost.”

The Breaux family said they are overwhelmingly grateful for all the help that has come their way.

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