WATER UPDATES: Water pressure is on the rise for many communities

Lake Charles holds update on efforts to restore water pressure

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Officials with the City of Lake Charles continued to ask residents to turn off dripping faucets and report Friday.

City water - as well as other municipal water systems across the area - lost pressure Tuesday during a winter storm that swept across the United States.

While water pressure was better Friday, Mayor Nic Hunter said faucets that continued to drip and “thousands” of leaks around the city were still creating problems.

“The message is very similar to what we’ve been saying over the last two or three days: Please turn off those dripping faucets; call in leaks; landlords, go check on your properties,” Hunter said. “Please, we’ve got to get those thousands of leaks under control on those private properties and those private lines.”

Hunter said the hope was to get full water pressure restored within 72 hours.

Hunter asked that water leaks be reported to these three numbers:

· 337-491-1483

· 337-491-1414

· 337-491-1346 (voicemail only)

The city’s six water plants are fully operational and are producing double the amount of water they normally produce at this time of year, Utilities Manager Kevin Heise said.

However, the city is also seeing double the normal amount of water returned to wastewater plants.

“That is an indicator to us that the water is coming through the faucets still,” Heise said. “It’s above freezing now, well above freezing, we’re approaching 40 degrees. The faucets that were dripping or turned on really should be turned off so that we can build pressure in the system.”

With another freeze expected tonight, Heise asked that those able turn off the water to their residence and drain the pipes instead of dripping faucets.

Hunter said city employees, contract employees, and employees with the Lafayette Utilities System are out scouring the city for leaks.

He said tanker trucks have been shuttling water to hospitals. He also thanked Westlake for allowing some of the tanker trucks to fill up there.

Hunter also shared videos of water leaks that have been found at private residences around the city.

Burst pipes in Lake Charles
Burst pipes in Lake Charles
The City of Lake Charles says thousands of burst pipes in private residences and buildings around the city have hampered the effort to restore water pressure.
The City of Lake Charles says thousands of burst pipes in private residences and buildings around the city have hampered the effort to restore water pressure.

The City of Sulphur and West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital are encouraging the community to conserve water in hopes of helping hospitals and emergency response crews until water pressure returns to normal levels.

Water plants are currently operating at maximum capacity with the wastewater plant taking in double the normal volume of water. These numbers indicate a large amount of water going down drains. A lack of adequate water pressure means less water available for emergency situations and life-saving measures. Residents are asked to turn faucets off when no longer under a hard freeze warning.

“At this time, our plants and crews are doing everything that can be done to increase the water pressure in the city, including finding and repairing every leak, both reported and found by canvassing the city,” said Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahay. Water systems across the southern region of the United States are experiencing an overwhelming strain from the effects of the recent winter storm. “Now we need the public to help us rebuild the pressure because this is an urgent need for our medical and fire protection services. You can help us by turning your faucets off and reporting leaks to the city so we can respond more quickly.”

“Water is a vital resource for hospitals to properly operate and provide continual patient care. While our facility has continued to have access to water, water pressure levels are extremely low,” says Janie Frugé chief executive officer for West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital. “Water pressure is crucially important for our facility to meet the healthcare needs of this community. We are asking for everyone’s help in doing their part to help our community overcome these water pressure issues,” states Frugé.

Sulphur Fire Chief Dan Selph says the water pressure issues could pose a problem in the event of a fire in the city. “We always have a plan in place, but this is a situation no fire department wants to think about. Having stable water pressure is vital for us to be able to move quickly in an emergency and at this point we need help from the residents to rebuild the water pressure.” Chief Selph urges residents to turn their faucets off while the temperature is above freezing to help build the water pressure in case of an emergency.

• Boil all water for consumption until the boil advisory in place is lifted.

• In the event of a busted pipe in your home please turn the water off at the cut-off valve.

• To report a water leak, call 337-527-4583 during business hours and 337-527- 4582 after hours.

Click HERE for information on what to do when you’re under a boil advisory.

Allen Parish

  • East Allen Water Works District is under a boil advisory until further notice due to low water pressure.

Calcasieu Parish

  • Waterworks No. 4 in Calcasieu shutting off water for repairs. Customers are asked to turn off the water in their homes. Once the water is restored, customers will be under a boil advisory.
  • Waterworks No. 5 of Wards 3 and 8 has issued a boil advisory due to water pressure loss. District Five customers are asked to conserve water until further notice.
  • Waterworks No. 7 issuing boil advisory for all residents, except those in the following areas: Pine Acres, Rigmaiden Cemetery Road, Miller and Jim Kent roads, Holbrook Park Road from La. 27 to 421.
  • Waterworks No. 8 of LeBleu Settlement is is no longer under a boil advisory.

Carlyss Waterworks No. 9

  • Carlyss Waterworks No. 9 are asked to conserve water due to low pressure. Residents are also asked to check for leaks on the side of their meter. Anyone with a leak is asked to shut off the meter immediately. Customers are not under a boil advisory.


  • As of Feb. 20, DeQuincy has rescinded their boil advisory.


  • The City of DeRidder is asking residents to conserve water after a citywide drop in pressure. The city is under a precautionary boil advisory. Anyone seeing leaks in city water lines is asked to call 337-462-8903.

Jeff Davis Parish

Jeff Davis Central Waterworks - which provides water to residents to Iowa, Welsh, and Roanoke - is under a boil advisory. The following will the Central Waterworks hours of operation:

  • 7am-9am Water ON
  • 9am-5pm Water OFF
  • 5pm-7pm Water ON
  • Overnight Water OFF

Jeff Davis Waterworks District #4 is also under a boil advisory and asking residents to reduce water use so they can build pressure back in their system.

Hackberry Water District

  • Hackberry Water District is under a boil advisory due to a loss of pressure.

Houston River Waterworks

  • Houston River Waterworks has issued a system-wide boil advisory. Water will be ON 6 a.m.-12 p.m., OFF 12 p.m.-5 p.m., ON 5 p.m.-9 p.m., and OFF 9 p.m.-6 a.m.


Lake Charles

  • City of Lake Charles asks residents to conserve water and stop dripping faucets. Leaks may be reported to the following numbers: 491-1483, 491-1414, or 491-1346.

Lake Arthur

  • The Town of Lake Arthur continues to be under a boil advisory until further notice.


  • All Leesville water systems are under a boil advisory. Anyone seeing water leaks asked to call 337.-239-2995.

Moss Bluff

  • Water Works District #1 asks customers to conserve water. The system is experiencing a large demand that will deplete the supply if not conserved. District #1 is currently not under a boil advisory.


  • Due to low water pressure and low temperatures, the city remains under a boil advisory.


  • Oberlin residents are asked to conserve water to help rebuild pressure. If a leak is found, please call 337-977-1362.


  • The town of Rosepine remains under a boil advisory.


  • Water Works District #2 is conducting rolling outages because customer’s demands are greater than the water district’s wells can supply. While water is restored, residents are asked to store as much water as possible. The district is also under a precautionary boil advisory. Click HERE for updates.


  • The boil advisory within the city limits of Sulphur has been rescinded. Residents who have busted pipes are asked to turn off the water at the cut-off. Residents are asked to report water leaks to 337-527-4582.


  • Vinton water has returned to normal pressure. Officials are cutting water off at houses that have leaks. Still asking residents to conserve water, and still under a boil advisory.


  • Water district #4 is at full pressure. Still under a boil advisory and still asking residents to conserve as much water as possible.

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