Mayor Hunter requests assistance as water pressure issues continue in Lake Charles

Mayor Hunter requests assistance as water pressure issues continue in Lake Charles

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Three days later and many in Lake Charles still have little to no water, and as of Thursday morning, the city says the pressure has stabilized.

Kevin Heise Utilities Manager of Lake Charles compared the water issues we’re facing now to those we saw right after the hurricanes.

“We have frozen lines, and those frozen lines have burst. So, a lot of that is private lines, and we’re going to do the very best we can to identify those with our residents and with our commercial folks. And we’re going to work together and get those capped off.”

He says they’re already capping off 100 times more than a normal day, even bringing and training city personnel from other departments to identify and shut off water leaks.

However, Mayor Nic Hunter explains leaks at uninhabited structures and those under construction are taking time to identify.

“We know that there are water breaks happening right now throughout the city in structures where no one is inside that structure. So, we are cutting off water at those locations where we locate a structure that is uninhabited.”

Heise says they’re asking residents for help.

“It’s going to take friends and neighbors and our staff, and our contracting staff - looking at those homes and looking at those structures saying, ‘Oh, there’s a break here, we need to turn it off’.”

Mayor Hunter says they’re exhausting resources to return water pressure here in Lake Charles back to normal, especially given everything the city has already gone through.

“We have boots on the ground, we are doing everything humanly possible right now to fix what has occurred in our water system.”

Mayor Hunter says he has requested Governor Edwards to mobilize the National Guard to bring and distribute water here in Lake Charles. He says they have also teamed up with United Way Southwest Louisiana and Second Harvest Food Bank to distribute water across the city.

To report leaks, call (337)-491-1483, (337)-491-1414 and (337)-491-1346.

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