Local residents push to get Enterprise overpass cleared

Local residents push to get Enterprise overpass cleared

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Most roadways in the Lake Area have been cleared of snow and ice, but the Enterprise overpass in north Lake Charles has yet to be cleared for safe travel.

A few north Lake Charles residents decided to take matters into their own hands as friends and neighbors gathered in hopes clearing the ice off the overpass which provides a main artery to north Lake Charles.

Volunteers in the clearing say they are concerned citizens who just want to see one of their main modes of transportation cleared.

”This is not a thing where we are making any other statement other than we are concerned citizens. We’re only here because we want to see the Shattuck Street Bridge and the Enterprise Street Bridge de-iced and open so people can come in and out of this area.”

Aside from being one of the few roads yet to be cleared, the inability to cross the overpass lends itself to being somewhat of a hazard in the case of a fire or medical emergency.

According to volunteers, local authorities stepped in and deemed that the overpass was unsafe to be on, therefore volunteers were unable to clear the bridge.

Anyone interested in helping the volunteers is asked to get in touch with local officials and “use your voice”.

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