Busted pipe causes flooding at Sulphur Retirement Complex

Sulphur retirement complex suffers busted pipe, management nowhere to be found

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Some residents in a Sulphur retirement complex say they are in dire straits after a busted water pipe flooded parts of their building. The situation has the building under what city officials call “fire watch.”

It all started about eleven Tuesday night when residents say a water pipe busted causing flooding into some apartments. The facility at 503 Cypress Street is called Sulphur Retirement Community.

Resident Cleveland Nixon can’t live in his third-floor apartment, after water leaked from the ceiling flooding his apartment and leaving brown, sludge and water in the hallway.

“It’s bad, I ain’t got nowhere to live as you can see,.” he says.

Nixon says he slept in a common area and then spent the day in the lobby.

“I had to sleep on the floor all night and I still don’t have nowhere to go. It caved in from the water damage. I lost my whole apartment. It caved in from the water damage of the roof and the water sprinklers.”

The residents say they have no manager or maintenance person to help. Tyrone Thomas has lived here ten years.

“Some people can’t even live in their apartments. Look at the roof. It’s patched up. This is intolerable. We need some assistance. Senior citizens shouldn’t have to deal with this,” said Nixon.

Sulphur officials say the busted pipe caused the sprinkler system to go out, so the building is on “fire watch” which means firefighters stand guard till it is fixed. Mayor Mike Danahay says that’s required by the State Fire Marshal.

Some residents have gone to stay with relatives but not all have that option. Danahay says he would hope the private owners plan for residents in such predicaments.

Residents referred us to someone they believe is a manager who said “no comment” when we called her. So far, it is unclear exactly who owns the facility.

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