DOTD works to clear icy roads

DOTD works to clear icy roads

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The Louisiana Department of Transportation is continuing to work on clearing the icy roads throughout the region.

The DOTD has had crews working around the clock to reduce the ice on Southwest Louisiana roads to make them passable again.

“Our crews have been working around the clock nonstop since about Sunday working to address a lot of the winter weather impacts that were brought on from this particular storm,” said DOTD spokesperson, Deidra Druilhet.

All routes are currently open in Southwest Louisiana including at least one I10 lanes in both directions from the Texas border to Jeff Davis parish.

Druilhet says they currently have 28 crews out trying to clear roads using a brine of salt and water.

“We’re putting down brine, and brine is simply like a salt-water mixture that can help break up a lot of that ice that you see on there. Also, we’re putting salt pellets down, and also putting down a lightweight aggregate in some areas, too.”

Druilhet says what the crews are doing now could help in the event of more winter precipitation in the forecast.

“Even with the forecast of possible freezing rain that could come in the area tonight, this could allow them in certain areas, where they’re continuing to put down brine and salt, it could allow them to pre-treat those surfaces which will prevent a lot of that ice from forming.”

Even so, Druilhet says people should stay off the roads for the crews to work and due to the chance of black ice.

“We do know that the sun has been out, and of course that is helping to melt a lot of that ice, but do remember that we’re seeing some cold temperatures which could create some refreezing efforts or even some black ice. If they could refrain from driving on the roadways, that would be helpful.”

Druilhet says putting barricades up on impassable roads has been an issue with their personnel stretched thin.

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