Boil advisories, emergency appeals issued in the ArkLaTex during severe winter weather

Boil advisories, emergency appeals issued in the ArkLaTex during severe winter weather
Water shortage (Source: KSLA)

(KSLA) — Following is the status of boil advisories and emergency appeals that municipal leaders in the ArkLaTex issued amid severe winter weather.

Doyline, La.

Doyline Waterworks District 1 is under a boil advisory until further notice due to a loss of pressure on Thursday, Feb. 19. This is specifically for the Village of Doyline and not outlying areas.

Greenwood, La.

The Town of Greenwood released the following update Monday, March 1:

“Our system is fully pressurized and water service has been RESTORED to the Town of Greenwood.

“100% of residents and businesses are restored and are able to revert back to NORMAL water usage.

“*If you do not have water service at this time, please call the Greenwood Emergency Water Line at 318-208-4693.

“We are asking that residents AVOID UNNECESSARY WATER USAGE (ex: washing cars) for the next seven days to ensure our facility is not overloaded too soon.

“We will flush the water system again today. This may stir up some sediment from the pipes or cause your water to appear white and milky. If you notice the latter, you are likely seeing air in the water. *If you pour a glass of water and let it sit, the air will clear.

“Our latest water samples will be submitted to the LA Department of Health this week and we anticipate their approval to lift our BOIL ADVISORY based to those results. We will continue to update residents on any changes in service or procedure.

“The Town of Greenwood would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the help provided by State Representative Danny McCormick, Senator Barry Milligan, Mr. Robert Jump OHS Caddo Sheriff’s Office, the National Guard, and all those in our community who joined together to serve one another.”

Hall Summit, La.

The Village of Hall Summit has low water pressure and is under a boil advisory until further notice. The mayor is asking the residents to conserve water.

Athens, La.

South Claiborne Water System in Athens, La. is under a boil water advisory until further notice.

Red River Parish

The Marin Water System in Red River Parish is under a boil advisory until further notice.

Ringgold, La.

The Town of Ringgold is under a boil advisory until further notice.

The following water systems have issues boil advisories that remain in effect until further notice:

  • Linda Lane Water System
  • Springlake MHP Water System
  • Eagle Water System

DeSoto Parish, La.

Water Works District #1 is 100% operational, but a boil advisory remains in effect until further notice.

Zwolle, La.

As of Monday, March 1, officials with the Sabine Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness say they started turning water back on Monday, beginning with schools. Businesses and residents will be next. As of Monday morning, the National Guard has given out more than 64,000 bottles of water and more than 6,000 gallons of potable water. Officials expect water service to be restored to the entire town by Wednesday, March 3. The town will remain under a boil advisory until further notice.

Plain Dealing, La.

A system-wide boil order has been issued for the Saint Mary Community Water System off Highway 2 West of Plain Dealing, LA. Lightning strikes have damaged the lines in several places.


  • Flush all household plumbing and appliances through the cold water taps for at least five minutes. Longer service lines may require additional flushing.
  • Dump ice from automatic ice makers that were in service during the boil advisory. To completely flush out the lines, dump at least three batches of ice made after the advisory has been lifted. Disinfect the ice storage bins as well.
  • For hot water tanks, inline filters, or water coolers, run enough water through the system to replace at least one full volume of the lines and tanks
  • Replace any disposable water filters


It is recommended that all consumers disinfect their water before consuming it (including fountain drinks), making ice, brushing teeth or using it for food preparation or rinsing of foods by the following means:

Boil water for one (1) full minute in a clean container. The minute starts after the water has been brought to a rolling boil. (The flat taste can be eliminated by shaking the water in a clean bottle, pouring it from one clean container to another or by adding a pinch of salt to each quart of water that is boiled).

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