Wilson delivered prophetic message to Cowboys before epic comeback

Wilson delivered prophetic message to Cowboys before epic comeback

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - While the McNeese Cowboys have shifted their focus to their next game vs. UIW, their fanbase is still celebrating their epic come-from-behind victory over the Tarleton State Texans on Saturday. McNeese trailed by 14 points with under three minutes to play before rallying to force overtime. The Cowboys and Texans each traded field goals in the first period before McNeese walked off with a Cody Orgeron touchdown in the second period, 40-37.

McNeese coach Frank Wilson said he told his team exactly what they’d need to do to win the game.

“Once we went down 14 and we threw a pick inside four minutes, we gathered our team on the sidelines and talked to them about what’s next. Here’s what’s next: we’re going to stuff their a**, we’re going to get the ball back and score. After we score, we’re going to get an onside kick and we’ll score again and we’re going to win this football game,” Wilson said as a guest on The Jordy Culotta Show Tuesday. “Lo and behold it kind of unfolded just like that.”

The Nostradamus-esque Wilson was then captured postgame in a photo posted by the McNeese Twitter account. In the photo, a screaming Wilson appears to let out the frustration of a 14-point deficit, a postponed football season and coaching through a pandemic and multiple natural disasters.

“We just wanted to play the game. Let’s get to the game. Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong; guys have left, this has happened, that has happened. Just get us to a game. If we get to a game, it’ll be okay,” said Wilson. “We were tested and we had to dig deep. It was something we talked about that they aren’t going to give it to you because no one has empathy for you when you’re playing the game. There is no self-pity... you have to go play.”

The Cowboys would bounce back to pick up the first win of the Frank Wilson era. With the unusualness of the season, Wilson said he understands that the Cowboys are playing for much more than just themselves.

“We wanted to play well for the city. We wanted to play well for Southwest Louisiana. We wanted to play well for Louisiana. We wanted to play well for all the alumni who gave their everything to give us a chance to play in this new norm of a shortened season this spring.”

You can listen to Wilson’s full interview here. His interview begins at the 1:02:44 mark.

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