SWLA authorities urge residents to stay off icy roads

SWLA authorities urge residents to stay off icy roads

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Across Southwest Louisiana, the road conditions are dangerous with the ice on the roads unable to melt away.

Southwest Louisiana authorities are urging people not to take to the roads right now if at all possible.

The roads are covered in a layer of ice and snow, which increases the chances of skidding and sliding.

Although some ice may have melted, Tuesday night’s temps will refreeze the roads.

Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office says driving in this weather could be extremely dangerous.

“We’re encouraging people, if you don’t have to be on the road, please don’t go out sight-seeing and looking,” Chief Deputy Guillory said. “It’s pretty nasty out there. It’s a dangerous situation.”

If you absolutely have to get on the road, Chief Deputy Guillory says to take precaution.

“The best thing is if you have a four-wheel drive. That’s the best way to get around, but also, just take your time. Take it slow. You got to understand that in icy, slippery conditions, sometimes you’ll hit a patch of ice, and you may lose control of your car. You don’t want to brake too hard because if you brake hard, then that causes you problems.”

He says the chance of car pileups is a real possibility.

“When I look at the big pileup that they had in Fort Worth, with all those cars, black ice was the culprit there. That could easily happen anywhere, especially tonight when it’s supposed to get down in the teens.”

The Chief says his number one piece of advice is to remain off the roads.

“There’s another day, you know, that you can go and do what you need to do.”

Chief Deputy Guillory says the Sheriff’s Office has had to respond to a few weather-related crashes, but they were all minor, and people seem to be following their guidance.

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