Local beauty store weighs in on “Gorilla Glue” TikTok

Published: Feb. 12, 2021 at 9:30 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Well, we’ve all had bad hair days before but for a New Orleans woman, it was a bad hair month.

It’s a viral video that has many people across the nation talking, but what attracted so many people to Tessica Brown’s video?

It was her decision to use Gorilla Spray Adhesive to keep her hair in place after running out of her regular Got2b Glued Spray, a product normally used for styling or holding hair in place.

“My first initial reaction was ‘Is she serious?’ because that is Gorilla adhesive spray that you bond wood and other metals and stuff to,” said Tara Johnson. “So, I was kinda like she didn’t read the labels?”

Johnson, a sales associate at Buy & Save Hair & Beauty Supply Store, knows a thing or two about hair, especially having worked around hair products for the past eleven years.

“A product like that will definitely damage your hair. You will have a lot of breakages, you’ll have a lot of split ends or your hair can fall out. You can have a lot of damage for a very long time.”

She says even products that they carry in the store to remove glue wouldn’t have stood a chance against her hair.

“Our solvents that we have are for the glue that you put on the laces, not adhesive spray. So, even like the CC2 solvent and the glue residue, glue remover would not have helped her. It would not have moved the hair at all because it is an adhesive spray.”

She has some strong advice for anyone that may find themselves running low on hairspray.

“I suggest that you get up and go to the store because nothing out of your kitchen or your utility room will do for your hair. Your hair is special maintenance that you have to maintain aside from your body. Your hair has different delicacies to it, it has different levels to it, you have to keep up your PH balance.”

As for Tessica Brown, her hair is finally free after undergoing a four hour procedure in Beverly Hills.

That procedure was performed by Dr. Michael Obeng for free using a medical grade adhesive remover combined with aloe vera, olive oil, and some acetone.

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