Hometown staple in Moss Bluff Demolished Tuesday

Hometown staple in Moss Bluff Demolished Tuesday

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - It was a post shared on a Moss Bluff Facebook page that tugged the heartstrings of many locals.

“They’re reminiscing all of their memories, and it’s a good thing,” said Paige Babineaux. “It’s just somewhere that people can go to love their neighbor, and so I think a lot of people had a lot of memories with that.”

But what caused so many people to relive precious memories?

The short answer: a Wendy’s.

“Who can come together and reminisce about something like a Wendy’s except for our little town,” she said. We just come together in a good community.

After surviving Hurricane Rita back in 2005, Wendy’s, located just off Highway 171, has stood as a landmark for many.

But thanks to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the building, which was once the home to a Hardee’s, is now just a shell of what it used to be after workers demolished it Tuesday Morning.

“It was a place that, if you’re living in the community, and you go there, like regularly, it’s just familiarity,” said Stephanie Roe. It’s always sad to see something that’s very familiar be replaced.

While this was just a fast-food restaurant to many, To Roe, it was the place she got to call her first job.

“As you get older, things like that happening and places that you used to go to, now being gone, gives you a good chance to reflect on the times you had there, and so it was hard,” Roe said.

Now, living in New York, all Roe is left with are the memories she once created while working there.

“Way back before they started putting coffee in the Frostys. That was one of my favorite memories. We would take the leftover coffee, pour it into the Frostys and serve it to people who would actually ask for it,” she said.

While years of memories can’t be torn down in a day, Babineaux says this is a new chapter for Moss Bluff.

“We’re excited and hopeful as a community, and the lord brings all things new, so it’s gonna be a good thing,” she expressed.

According to a few Facebook comments, Wendy’s will once again stand in that same spot.

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