Demand for glass spikes post Hurricanes Laura and Delta

Demand for glass spikes post Hurricanes Laura and Delta

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As the winds from hurricanes Laura and Delta died down last year, demand for glass immediately increased.

“Pre storm, normal as it’ll get, I was able to get out to my customers quickly, quote them within 24 hours,’' said Michaela Touchstone, a Residential Sales Manager at Colonial Glass. “Post-storm, it is taking weeks to get out to customers for measurements and then a couple of weeks to get the quote out.”

Touchstone has been working extra hard these past few months as orders of glass have spiked, flooding the shop’s orders.

“So right now, I have 94 quotes to type up and send off to customers. I’ve been getting behind because the capacity of work we have been getting is so great that it’s easy to get behind if I’m not staying on top of it,” she said.

She now manages two crews, as opposed to just the one she had before the storms.

The shop hired ten new workers to keep up with demand. But even with the additional help, Michaela says customers could be looking at a timeline of a few months to complete repairs.

“Right now, we are about 3 to 4 months out on just getting out to get a measurement so I can get it quoted,” she said. “Then once we get it quoted and get the quote approved it takes about another month to two months to get the glass installed.”

John Faulk, Co-owner of Colonial Glass, says that the shop is trying its best to keep up with orders.

“As you can see, you know, almost every building in town has some type of damage,” he said. “So, with that, there’s a lot of glass damage, and we’re doing our best to kinda try to make everybody happy.”

He says while demand has been high since the storms, the reason orders have increased even more in recent weeks is that residents and businesses have finalized their insurance payments.

While the demand for glass is not slowing down anytime soon, Touchstone says she thinks things will finally start to slow down in June or July.

“As far as the amount of work that Colonial has gotten, there are multiple other glass companies in the area,” Touchstone said. “I’m sure they’ve all gotten the same amount of work that we have gotten. I feel like collectively, we’ll have gotten to everyone in the area by the middle of the year.”

If you do need glass repaired, they encourage you not to wait, and day they’ll do the best they can to help you repair your windows.

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