Permeable pavers to help with flooding in SWLA

Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 8:59 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As Southwest Louisiana has grown, so have the flooding problems. Concrete prevents rain water from being soaked into the ground, but there is a technology that can help reduce runoff.

At this home in Lake Charles, the owner is installing permeable paver grids instead of concrete or asphalt to re-do the driveway.

Nathanial Allured says they are placed in the ground and then covered with sod and gravel. So, instead of water running off it’s absorbed into the ground.

“We have hundreds of these tiles as they’re called interlocked across this site. All that is permeable which allows rainwater that hits the surface to filter down back into the ground to eventually make its way into the water table.”

So, the rain helps replenish underground drinking water and prevents runoff that contributes to flooding. He says it can be used on larger areas such as parking lots too.

“Anytime that we can reduce hard surface with a permeable surface, that just allows the water ecosystem to be a little bit closer to the way it naturally would be.” Allured’s stepfather, David Edwards, says the driveway needed repairs and he likes doing something good for the environment. “Our thought was since we’re taking it up and replacing it, let’s go with something that’s more ecologically friendly and still structurally sound and usable.”

Edwards also says it’s affordable.

The U.S. EPA considers permeable pavements green infrastructure that helps reduce flow to sewer system and surface waters.

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