New family and juvenile court judge offers ideas to curb teen violence

New family and juvenile court judge offers ideas to curb teen violence
Judge Cynthia Clay Guillory took office in January; Judge Lilynn Cutrer retired. (Source: Judge Cynthia Clay Guillory)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -New family and juvenile court Judge Cynthia Clay Guillory says getting children on the right path is her passion. She’s only been on the bench since January 1, but she’s determined to address issues of concern in the community.

The killing of a 15-year-old teen in a Walmart, allegedly by an even younger teen, has horrified many in the community who are shocked about increasing violence among younger and younger teens.

Guillory is concerned about youth.

“Our kids are exposed to so many different things. It’s almost like they’re immune to hurting each other or destroying each other,” she said.

Before taking the bench, Judge Guillory prosecuted children involved in juvenile crime for nearly twenty years as a Calcasieu assistant D.A.

She says there is much to do.

“We need to know where our kids are. We need to know what they’re doing. We need to know who they’re associating with. Yes, we need passwords. We need to know what they’re posting on social media,” said Guillory.

She says social media may be the biggest concern.

“You know often cowards hide behind social media. They can say whatever they want and never actually come forward. I’ve had several kids who committed suicide based on what was posted in social media,” she said.

Guillory says more mentors are needed for teens. She plans more community meetings which she calls, “Beyond the Bench,” in other parts of the parish.

Judge Guillory encourages all who care about the youth to get involved and be part of the solution.

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