Southwest Louisiana Independence Center still recovering from hurricane damage

Southwest Louisiana Independence Center still recovering from hurricane damage

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -The Southwest Louisiana Independence Center helps some of the most vulnerable of southwest Louisiana - the elderly and the disabled. But since the hurricanes, they’re trying to help those that need them the most while trying to stay afloat.

After their building was gutted in Hurricane Laura, the Southwest Louisiana Independence Center (SLIC) says, they’ve had to adjust not only the services they offer but how they operate.

In the days following Laura, executive director Mitch Granger says their building which was serving the most vulnerable in Southwest Louisiana was destroyed.

“After the hurricanes, we discovered that our building was pretty much a total loss on the inside. It was missing over a third of the roof on both the north and south side, and the interior was completely wet.”

They had to find a way to help those that had evacuated with them while working through issues of their own, that nearly six months later are far from repaired.

“They are our responsibility and so at the time, we had a caravan of over 40 people. We’re still functioning, and it’s because of the people. It’s not the building. What we do is we’re people-based, we’re people first, and that’s what we concentrated on whenever we got back.”

Even though they’re still providing their core services, granger says, there’s a long way to go.

“We’re not 100 percent, but I guess you can say that we’re 100 percent trying, but you know we’re not there. We lost a few programs. We had to cut back with staff and the number of staff that we’ve had.’

Now Granger says, repairs on the building will not be completed for another couple of months.

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