FEMA continuing to offer housing for hurricane survivors

FEMA continuing to offer housing for hurricane survivors

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - With roughly 10,000 houses in Calcasieu Parish being badly damaged or destroyed, FEMA expects to provide temporary housing to about 3000 families, 800 of which have already been placed in housing units.

“So much about getting your FEMA trailer involves steps that you might go through whenever you’re moving, whenever you’re getting a new home,” said Gerard Hammink, a media relations specialist for FEMA.

Those applying for a trailer will first be referred for direct temporary housing, where they will be interviewed to find the best option to meet their needs. Those who are housed in a FEMA trailer are given the living space for 18 months.

“As they are living in the FEMA trailer, they have to show that they’re making progress on their permanent solution, whether that be repairing, rebuilding, or finding a rental if they were a renter,” said Hammink.

The application process takes about 30 days from beginning to end. Applicants looking to have a trailer placed on their private property will need to have the property inspected by FEMA to ensure that utilities can be connected to the trailer.

“One of the biggest delays is getting the electric hookup, and FEMA trailers require a different hookup than a regular house.”

For those whose private property may not qualify, trailers can be placed at local mobile home parks. While the process may be lengthy, Hammink says FEMA is aware of the hardships many find themselves in and will continue to work with those who need help.

“I want them to know that if they’re waiting and they’re frustrated, FEMA is on the ground. We’re working on this,” he said. “We’re not going to give up.”

For a more detailed overview on the process to install a trailer on your private property, you can click here.

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