Students build 3D White House following Inauguration

Students build 3D White House following Inauguration

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Principal Ronnie Harvey, Jr. of Washington-Marion High School watched as students witnessed the transfer of power, famous in U.S. democracy, take place in D.C. today.

Principal Harvy said he hoped the inauguration would serve as a testament to the resilience of the American system.

“It wasn’t about any individual views. Here at Washington-Marion, we’re constantly talking about moving forward over and over,” he said. “I think today the inauguration along with everything leading up to the inauguration showed kids that we’re just all about forming a more perfect union.”

Math master teacher Dorcas Preatto took the historic moment to combine both science and history by having her students build a model of the White House using the school’s 3D printer but with a twist.

“This is an engineering class, it’s a partnership with LSU and basically because of the inauguration we are building a 3D model of the white house, and of course since our school colors are black, green, and gold, we’re making it the ‘Black House,’” said Preatto.

Preatto expressed that she hoped seeing the country’s first female and the first person of color vice president would inspire her class, regardless of politics.

“If nothing else, I hope that the female students on this campus, because we have majority African American females here, and I am a female role model on my campus, I hope they take away from this that they literally can do anything.”

Students, like Bryce Rule, say that this is a moment in history they are happy to witness. Rule went on to say, “I think stuff like this, like having the first female vice president, the first black vice president, the first Asian vice president. That’s huge because it shows that now we can do anything. We can do anything and make ourselves a lot better than we have for the past 200 years.”

This younger generation continued to build their model White House while being inspired by the future they will build for this country.

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