Sheriff: Daughter of KK’s murder victim dies after apparent accidental overdose

Sheriff: Daughter of KK’s murder victim dies after apparent accidental overdose
July 6, 1997 three people were murdered at KK's Corner convenience store (Source: kplc)

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A daughter of KK’s Corner murder victim Stacie Reeves has died.

Traci Reeves and her twin sister were two when their mother was one of three murdered at KK’s Corner store in 1997.

Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso says Traci died of an apparent accidental overdose. Mancuso says after an emergency call from a family member they used NARCAN on Traci. NARCAN is used to revive overdose victims. Mancuso says Traci was briefly revived, but later died at the hospital. He says her boyfriend received NARCAN and survived.

“Based on his statement and based on text messages we’ve been able to get through phone records and such, it appears to be an accidental overdose. Obviously, we’re waiting on the coroner. That’s what he preliminary believes also,” said Mancuso.

Traci was actively working to get any others involved in the KK’s murders brought to justice. “One person shouldn’t be sitting in prison for something he didn’t do alone,” Traci said in 2019. “Maybe someone, somewhere knows something from another state.” More recently, Traci was on a nationally televised program.

Former District Attorney Rick Bryant prosecuted one man, Thomas Frank Cisco, who participated in the killings.

Bryant says he is heartbroken.

“This little girl grew up with this always part of her life, and she was always totally concerned about who the other shooter was in this case and I think it was something like all of these tragedies, they stay with you for a lifetime,” Bryant said. “It’s so sad, after losing her mother, now we’ve lost her daughter. It’s a terrible thing.”

Mancuso warns that the Sheriff’s Office has seen a stunning number of overdoses in Calcasieu Parish since the first of the year. “We have had nine deaths that were overdoses since Jan. 1,” Mancuso said. “We’ve probably had triple that that we’ve had to NARCAN and bring back to life - but did not die but overdosed.”

Mancuso says preliminary testing indicates heroin and fentanyl were found at the scene. He says fentanyl is an additive drug dealers put in illegal drugs to enhance the high.

Mancuso says he wants to issue a stern warning to the public.

“I plead with you and beg with you. We’re on a record setting trend if we don’t stop this train right now. We can’t arrest our way out of this. We cannot arrest every abuser of these drugs. I assure you we are trying to arrest those selling these drugs.”

He says people need to be aware that they are buying drugs laced with potentially deadly fentanyl and they need to be aware of that.

He reminds people, drug dealers do not care about the well being of their purchasers.

“These people do not care about you. They don’t care if you die. They want to make that dollar that they are going to make from selling you that drug and as long as you’re buying them, they’re going to keep selling them to you,” said Mancuso.

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