Cajun Navy looking for volunteers as it continues clean-up efforts following hurricanes

Cajun Navy

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The Cajun Navy is still helping clean up in Southwest Louisiana following hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Volunteers helped clean up down trees for a resident on Common Street Tuesday.

“I’m more than honored to be doing what we’re doing for the Cajun Navy because these people actually need our help,” said Roger Bee, member of the Cajun Navy.

Bee said there are still a lot of people asking and waiting for home clean-up help. He also reminds us that the Cajun Navy is here to help as long as they’re needed. The non-profit said restoring Southwest Louisiana is more than a two or three day process, it will likely take two to three years.

“It’s not just to help them get their homes back, like we want to help them get their lives back.”

Most of the volunteers are from out of town and want to see Southwest Louisiana get back on their feet. Today’s crew was mainly from Texas, others from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and even Morocco.

“We all flooded in Hurricane Harvey, so when they [Louisiana] experienced Hurricane Laura and then Hurricane Delta, we knew that we had to come over here and help,” said one member from Texas.

Many of these volunteers are encouraged to help by the people they are helping.

“The smile on people’s face’s, the interactions with the community...I think that’s the reward and I think that’s what I’ll take with me forever,” said Bee.

The Cajun Navy is still looking for volunteers as they have over 200 projects on which they are working.

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