Hurricanes force repairs to Heritage Clock

Hurricanes force repairs to Heritage Clock

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - For many years, the Heritage Clock has hung outside of Keith’s Pawn Shop on Ryan Street, however, after the impacts of Hurricanes Laura and Delta, the clock is in need of repairs once again.

Jason Machulski, present day owner of the shop, has gone to great lengths to ensure the clock, which made it’s appearance in the 1920s, stayed up over the years. Unfortunately, after raising money and restoring the clock once to it’s original beauty, the hurricanes are forcing more repairs.

“My vision is to see one side say Historic Ryan, the other side say Historic Broad and the very front say Historic Downtown. In some kind of Keith’s Pawn Shop type of lettering to keep his vision alive in the process.”

His goal is to eventually get the clock up and running again to maybe ring in another new year.

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