Scalise votes against ‘rushed, impractical impeachment’ of President Trump

Scalise votes against ‘rushed, impractical impeachment’ of President Trump
Whip Steve Scalise opposes "impractical impeachment" on House Floor

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - House Republican Whip Steve Scalise spoke out Wednesday against an “impractical impeachment” of President Donald Trump/

Scalise, after penning an op-ed Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, urged politicians to not add fuel to the fire of divisiveness with harmful rhetoric and what he called a “rushed impeachment.”

“I oppose this rushed impeachment brought forward without a single hearing. And by the way, the Senate will not even take this up until President Trump is out of office. So let us keep that in mind: it will only serve to further divide a nation that is calling out for healing,” he said.

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“In times like these, let’s not reach for our darkest demons but instead, like Lincoln, seek the higher ground,” he continued. “May God bless this great United States of America.”

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