Therapy top resolution for Louisianans in 2021

What are Louisianans looking for in 2021? Therapy

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -When the clock hits midnight on December 31st, many are thinking about what they hope to accomplish in the new year.

A google trend study by Zippia found the top 2021 new year resolution for Louisiana was therapy.

“It’s a really volatile combination that we’re facing as far as mental health is concerned of all the different situations that we’re seeing today,” says Joel Daugherty, therapist for Lake Area Counseling.

Other new year resolutions include losing weight or reading books, but Daugherty says therapy being a resolution for Louisiana is not surprising.

“Because Louisiana socioeconomically isn’t always on the top so if we get any hit financially with our residents, I think it maybe, it hits a little closer to home for them, so maybe there is the contrast between why here there is more of a need for mental health whereas some states have more financial resources and residents have a higher income, it may not affect them quite as much.”

He has seen an increase in appointments being made since the new year.

“I have seen an uptick in clients coming in because of COVID, because of the hurricanes, because of the political situation that we’re facing right now. Mental health is definitely an issue here in the Lake Area.”

A trend, therapist Julie Este-McDonald from salt and light collaborative says started here in the lake area even before the new year.

“It started with quarantine and we started to have a sharp uptick in requests for therapy there and since then it’s just increased. There was another uptick after the hurricanes where people were just trying to find ways to cope with everything.”

A resolution, she hopes more residents see the benefit of.

“How often do you really get the chance to have time just for yourself? And that’s what therapy is, it’s a time to come in, it’s just for you.”

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