Sulphur adjusts budget for 2021

Sulphur adjusts budget for 2021

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - An unprecedented year, 2020 brought to Southwest Louisiana, a pandemic and hurricanes that cities are still recovering from. The city of Sulphur projected a budget of over $30 million for 2021, accounting for the pandemic, but Mayor Mike Danahay says they didn’t anticipate the damage the storms brought.

“We knew there were going to be budget adjustments that would come to that. We’re seeing that. We knew that our revenues would be impacted by COVID at that time. We didn’t even anticipate the storms, but now the storms have come, and our budget is fluid at this point in time.”

From debris pickup to restoring buildings, he says, they’re still reeling from the aftermath of the hurricanes.

“The debris pickup started, of course, and we’re going through the debris pickup now, still, and will be for some time, and the aftermath of that as far as recovering our facilities and the expenses that we occurred dealing with FEMA and the federal government, we’ll be dealing with that for some time.”

Repaving main roads like Huntington and Ruth street are already underway,y and they’re continuing projects that they were already working on last year.

“There’s been over 3 million dollars of improvements done at the Verdine Water Plant now. We anticipate to go ahead and replace the filter vessels as a whole, in the future and that’s going to be another additional 7 million dollars, so we’ll have over 10 million dollars of improvements in our Verdine Water Plant.”

Mayor Danahay says, they’ll know where they are financially by the end of the year.

“We’re looking at cash flow right now, and the projects that we can, we will attempt to afford to do and then as we move along, we see where our money are, and hopefully, by the end of ’21 we’ll have a better picture of where we are financially.”

Mayor Danahay says they are trying to generate revenue by bringing back businesses in the community.

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