Gyms dealing with New Year influx and COVID restrictions

Gyms dealing with New Year influx and COVID restrictions

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - If you woke up in 2021 and decided to get fit this year, you might be considering a gym membership, but COVID restrictions are limiting how many people can be in fitness centers at once.

Louisiana remains in a modified Phase 2, meaning gyms and fitness centers can only be open at 50 percent capacity.

That, coupled with new year resolutions, could put gyms in a tight spot.

John Foret, owner of Snap Fitness in Lake Charles, says they have had an influx of people this new year.

“We have had several people join,” Foret said. “We have had multiple people calling and inquiring about information, membership information.”

Capacity restrictions, though, haven’t caused a big problem for the fitness center.

“Capacity hasn’t been too much of an issue. We’re not like a restaurant. A restaurant has volume. They have lots of volume, and fitness centers typically, like the one we have, don’t get involved with large volume. We don’t have 50, 60, 70 people in a small area.”

Even so, Foret says this past year has been a big challenge.

“Like all businesses, we have learned how to operate a business, a fitness center, specifically us, with the circumstances we’ve been dealt with.”

Despite the setbacks, Foret says they are looking forward in 2021.

“Our main goals are to continue to provide a safe environment and just to help people. We’re a small gym, family operated and owned, that me and my wife and our staff just work continually to help people.”

They want everyone to feel safe in their gym.

“We’re going to continue to provide a safe environment. We’re going to work diligently at making people feel comfortable here, and whatever their needs are, we’re going to fit it.”

Foret says throughout the pandemic, they have offered online classes, which has helped them accommodate those high-risk groups, such as seniors.

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