Coaching #SWLAHoops while in a Pandemic

KPLC 7News Sports PKG 1-1-2021

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - “We talk about it daily. every single day we almost end practice about the choices that you make when you leave practice. Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you going to be around? Is it worth it?”

Sam Houston Coach Rob Acord says coaching in a pandemic has been tough.

“Scheduling has definitely been a challenge as everyone knows” said coach Acord. “You don’t know if the team you’re playing gets COVID, you may get COVID. It really has a trickle affect down the road.”

Some coaches, like LaGrange’s Lakeem Holmes, have gotten creative with player safety.

“What we have is a coach in charge of making sure the girls wear their mask during the game when they’re on the sideline” coach Holmes said. “As soon as someone comes from the bench straight to hand sanitizing. Just constant reinforcement of the guidelines that have been set forth you know by the CDC and our parish.”

Though the season nears district play, it’s still unclear what the championship atmosphere will be.

Hamilton Christian’s Dexter Washington believes the season will end without fans in attendance.

“I think what will happen is they may do what they did last year on March 13th they may just eliminate the fans” said coach Washington. “You know but they won’t stop the season I just don’t see them stopping Basketball, Baseball or any other sport especially after they just completed a Football season.”

All agree it’s a group effort to keep things going.

“You know I think as long as people continue to abide by the mask mandate, they follow all the proper protocols I truly believe that Calcasieu Parish and the LHSAA they want the season to finish, but it takes all of us to abide by those rules whether you agree with them or not” Acord said.

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