Fireworks Safety for NYE 2020

KPLC 7News Nightcast 12-30-20 - Fireworks PKG

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As a New year approaches lake area residents are bringing out the fireworks to celebrate the close of 2020, and even though many are eager to see them fly, it’s important to remember that safety always comes first.

“Basically they all come with label warnings on them and things to go by and a little common sense goes a long way,” said Angelina Shadoin of Angelo’s Fireworks.

Angelina Shadoin of Angelo’s Firework encourage customers to read the label – no matter how simple and user-friendly fireworks may seem.

Fireworks can be fun, but harmful if not used properly.

Brad Briles, chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau for Lake Charles, knows firsthand that improper use of fireworks can lead to unwanted problems.

”I was on the fire truck for many years and we’d have to respond to grass fires in the middle of the city where somebody was using fireworks and luckily the ones I’ve been to were just grass fires” said Briles.

He also reminds residents of Lake Charles – fireworks are a no-go inside the city limits.

” I don’t know if there’s people that just don’t realize it but there is a city ordinance against lighting fireworks inside the city limits of Lake Charles” Briles said.

At the end of the day, local officials want calcaseiu parish residents to enjoy themselves, but be responsible while doing so.

”Just don’t let your celebrating the holiday with fireworks turn into a trip to the emergency room so just be smart about what you’re doing.” said Briles “Have fun and stay safe.”

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