Local law enforcement sees an increase in potential roadway hazards

Local law enforcement see an increase in potential roadway hazards

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Whether you’re visiting your family, or staying in town, you may notice more drivers than usual on the roads, and local law enforcement say the potential hazards are much higher this time of year.

Local law enforcement say they’re working hard to keep drivers safe on the roadways, but there are some things you as a driver should keep in mind.

Working during the holiday season is something Trooper Derek Senegal, spokesperson for Louisiana State Police, says is something as law enforcement they sign up for. And while they try their best to keep drivers safe on the roadways, they do see more impaired drivers this time of year.

“I think everything leading up to that, you know it starts around Thanksgiving. So all that time leading up to the end of the year, you have Thanksgiving, Christmas and then you’re rolling into the new year - there’s a lot going on. More people travelling, more cars-.”

He advises drivers to drive not only for themselves, but for those around them on the roadways.

If you do see an impaired driver, Senegal asks that you call 911 or *577 to report them.

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