Lake Charles couple ties the knot at local diner

Lake Charles couple ties the knot at local diner

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - It’s been a strange year. That’s an understatment. 2020 has been full of twists, turns, and emotional highs and lows. Lately, hardly anything is “shocking” anymore, but one story surprised a popular Lake Charles diner full of customers who had no idea they were invited to a wedding.

At KD’s Diner you’ll hear the usual - friendly conversation, the coffee maker pouring a fresh pot, and breakfast favorites sizzling on the flat top.

On one Sunday afternoon in November, as the regulars sipped their coffee, they heard something different. The classic “Wedding March” played out over the diner’s speaker system as a young woman was escorted between booths.

“Multiple times a week,” Mitchell Dorre said of how often he and his new bride visit KD’s. “At least four nights a week,” Sue confirmed.

The longtime friends got engaged this year and through their relationship KD’s was their spot.

“Anytime I’d be going through something I’d call Mitchell and say ‘Hey, I really need a friend can we go get coffee at KD’s?’ and he’d be like ‘Yeah, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.’ We’d come hang out for hours on end just talking about life, work and whatever was going on at that time,” said Sue.

As the story goes, next comes marriage.

“In June, I kind of started to plan for one. But then COVID happened and we thought it’d be over by now but it wasn’t. Then the storms happened. So we talked and said let’s just go ahead and do it,” Sue explained.

The plan was a small ceremony at home until their next trip to their favorite diner.

“We came here last Wedneday and said hey let’s get married here and he got the biggest grin.”

Just four days - that’s right - four days later they were back at KD’s with a diner full of unassuming wedding guests.

While their friends and family understood and loved the quirky setting, it has raised some eyebrows Sue said.

“There’s not a lot of good stuff going on right now. This could be something that turns people’s dark days into something good,” she said, We’re going through all this - the storms, COVID, losing people and jobs, but someone still pulled through and got married.”

An untraditional wedding in the most untraditional of years.

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