Second round of stimulus checks might be on the way

Second round of stimulus payments

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A second round of stimulus checks might be on the way for millions of Americans.

Leaders on Capitol Hill are still debating the finer points of a $908 billion COVID-19 relief package and right now it looks like individuals could get a second stimulus payment. It’s the first significant legislative response to the pandemic since the landmark CARES Act in March, which included $1.8 trillion in aid.

“There’s no firm details on anything just yet because we don’t have a final agreement but the anticipation now is that we will have additional stimulus checks,” attorney Russ Stutes said.

Stutes said people could potentially receive about $600, down from the $1,200 approved by Congress back in the spring. As for the extra payments for dependents, there is speculation of whether or not that will be included in the second round of payments.

“[It’s] subject to being totally tossed out or also being reduced,” he said.

If the stimulus payments are approved, Stutes said it’s possible the payments will be given out faster this time because lawmakers already have the payment system in place.

“You are likely to see the same exact roll out method,” he said. “If anybody has direct deposit info on file with the IRS they will receive theirs by direct deposit.”

For people who don’t have direct deposit information on file, just like the first time around, they are likely to receive a paper check. While Congress and President Trump have to approve any pending legislation, Stutes said it’s possible Americans will receive a second payment before the end of the year.

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