Local businesses hope to cash in on Cyber Monday

Local Cyber Monday

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The pandemic and the recent hurricanes have changed many traditions.

Online sales could hit at least $10.8 billion this year, according to Adobe Analytics.

Adobe said $1 out of every $4 is being spent online this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a factor, as many customers want to avoid crowds in brick-and-mortar businesses. With this Cyber Monday set to break records we reached out to some local small businesses that are hoping to cash in on the big day given all the challenges that they’ve faced this year.

It’s the sound of the shopping season...

But this year, Cyber Monday is different for many local businesses.

“We’re super familiar when it comes to virtually shopping with you over Facetime or sending pictures over the phone or things like that,” said Expressions Sales Associate Julia Tassin.

After accomodating the pandemic and then closing up shop after the recent hurricanes...Local businesses like Expressions are relying on the holiday shopping season to get by.

“Black Friday was a day where we were not sure, it could flop or be really successful but we were pleased with the turnout and you never know with Covid and hurricanes how things are going to go but Christmas is our season, it’s our time to shine,” Tassin said.

For Cyber Monday, the company is price matching deals for customers. A sales tactic that many local business are relying on these days.

“Before 2020, we were just local, in-store shopping,” said Mimosa Boutique Owner Lauren Monroe. “We knew online shopping was in our future but the pandemic forced us there.”

For local boutique owner Lauren Monroe, the year has been difficult...

“In retail, you have money hanging on a shelf...We’ve had a lot of adjusting to do, a lot of things to figure out this year. It’s been a challenge definitely.

For her business, sales have gone down drastically compared to this time last year.

“So, Black Friday was very different for us. It’s usually our busiest day of the year and it was just like a normal day this year,” Monroe said. “People aren’t getting out as much or people don’t have as much money. With hurricane deductibles and just all these horrible things the Lake Area is dealing with specifically.”

Given the recent hurricanes, she says holidays like Cyber Monday are the perfect opportunity to support local.

“We couldn’t survive without our loyal customers. Even just today, there are faces coming in here once a week, twice a week and we just really appreciate it.”

Although unemployment is a concern, the National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales will rise to at least $755 billion.

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