Texas teen brings school supplies for students at St. Margaret School in Lake Charles

St. Margaret sudents help unload supplies delivered by Luke Arnold of Austin
Updated: Nov. 23, 2020 at 9:03 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Luke Arnold is a freshman in high school in Austin where he spearheaded efforts to send school supplies to St. Margaret’s here in Lake Charles.

“At my school, St. Dominic Savio, we have to do four service projects every year. And for my service project I decided to give donations to St. Margaret’s Catholic School. My mom and her brothers and sister attended this school and it means a lot to them and we saw all the damage the hurricanes caused. Houses in Lake Charles and this school in particular,.” said Arnold.

When those donating found out the supplies were for this hurricane stricken area, the giving grew and grew-- so much so Luke’s family had to rent a trailer to bring the items. School Principal Wendy Wicke says their school suffered tremendous damage.

“Hurricane Laura pretty much devastated St. Margaret Catholic School. We had quite a bit of damage to junior high and did throughout some of the other buildings here on campus. So, we’ve lost quite a bit and to be able to replenish those supplies, is a much needed plus for us and greatly appreciated,” said Wicke.

Luike’s mom, Beth, says he has always cared about others.

“Luke is very giving. He’s always willing to help someone else. Right now he’s taking a servant leadership class which is basically giving him tools so that, when he graduates, he will be able to be a leader but showing by service.”

Many of Luke’s family members attended St. Margaret’s School and now, cousin Henry Stelly, is a 4th grade student. Henry is thankful for the donations and his cousin.

“I feel great for my cousin to bring donations to our school, because when the hurricane started this place got really destroyed so, I’m glad a lot of people are helping with the donations and thank you to whoever donated.”

Wicke is humbled, yet not really surprised by children helping other children across the miles.

“In Catholic education there are a lot of things that are taught to kids and one of the most important things is giving of self. So, to have a student to make that determination that this school is in much need and I really want to help, and I’m going to do that from a great distance, tells us that he was given that calling to go out and serve. And so, we’re so excited that Luke was able to serve us as a community in need. He’s definitely walking in the shoes of Christ.”

And Luke offers a lesson in kindness providing yet another reason for giving thanks.

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