La. Wildlife & Fisheries employees donate to coworkers recovering from hurricanes

La. Wildlife & Fisheries employees donate to help coworkers recovering from hurricanes

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -One state agency is rallying behind coworkers who lost everything.

Like just about every business or agency, Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries has employees struggling with the loss caused by the hurricanes.

But employees throughout the state agency have joined to help an estimated sixty who suffered hurricane damage.

The Sweetlake home of Beau and Amber Robertson was destroyed in Hurricane Laura. Coworkers are helping them get their lives back together. They have three children and it’s a trying time. Still:

“Material things are in the grand scheme of things are insignificant. I’ve got my family, I’ve got my coworkers, I’ve got a good support system out there that’s helping us along,” said Robertson.

Robertson and other employees from Southwest Louisiana received donations from Wildlife and Fisheries coworkers from throughout the state. It means a lot to Beau and his wife, Amber.

“It just goes to show what kind of outfit we work for. It’s really humbling. I’m very thankful that I work with good people like this because this is all donations from other employees,” he said.

Mike Treadway and his family are also trying to recover from damage to their home in Moss Bluff. They too are amazed by the generosity of their coworkers.

“Surprised and thankful, the department has helped us a lot since Laura hit, between helping with daily supplies to this donation that’s been given to us. They’ve been very helpful,” said Treadway.

Treadway and Robertson were on duty as the hurricane hit.

Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Jack Montoucet is proud to have such giving employees...

“Realizing that insurance can cover only a portion of what you need, I felt it was necessary to send out a memo to all the people and staff with LDWF because we are a family and family comes first. And during these trying times we have to work together as a family to help one another,” he said.

As well, the agency has received a $50,000 corporate donation from Cheniere to help with repairs at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge.

For more on how you can help Wildlife and Fisheries employees and facilities damaged click here.

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