Aerial Recovery Group brings relief to Southwest Louisiana

Aerial Recovery Group brings relief to Southwest Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Many organizations came to meet Southwest Louisiana’s need after Hurricane Laura, including Aerial Recovery Group.

Aerial Recovery is a disaster response firm that trains recruits in the best practices of how to help after natural disasters. After the Lake Area was slammed by Laura, they traveled to Southwest Louisiana in hopes of assisting the community.

“When we found out how bad it really was, we hit the ground running,” said Britnie Turner, CEO of Aerial Recovery Group.

Aerial Recovery lent a hand to the area in several ways: from helping serve meals to tarping roofs to removing trees from homes.

Turner says the group’s mission is to bring effective relief to disaster areas.

"We share those international best practices in every area that we go into, and we work with government leadership in order to pull that off.”

So far, the group has made three deployments to Southwest Louisiana, bringing 62 volunteers in total.

"We’ve been able to liaise thousands and thousands of relief aid coming in. We were able to bring in Watts of Love, and they distributed I think 640 solar lights.”

The group’s strategy is based on working in a disaster community until the people can get back on their feet.

"We don’t just come down one time. We actually work with protecting against disasters to emergency relief to bringing in the aid to long-term redevelopment plans so that nations and areas are stronger than they were even before a disaster takes place. What we saw is that a lot of groups again come and go, and after you’ve experienced a disaster of the kind of magnitude that Louisiana has experienced, it really needs groups to come alongside and undergird the infrastructure and the people that are already there.”

Aerial’s relief management plan starts even before natural disasters strike.

"We also put together a training program led by our green berets. We’ve got navy seals. All the different facets of the military are our leadership team. They’ve put together the best training programs for how people can be highly effective in these disaster zones.”

Turner says she fell in love with the people of Southwest Louisiana.

"Being able to help this community recover and rebuild has been an absolute honor.”

The group has plans to return to the Lake Area in the future to continue relief efforts. If you would like to get involved with Aerial Recovery, you can go to or

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