Town of Cameron dealing with water supply issues

Town of Cameron dealing with water supply issues

CAMERON, La. (KPLC) - The town of Cameron is having trouble generating a constant supply of running water for residents ever since Hurricane Laura.

Of those who have returned to Cameron after Laura, many of them are living in RVs until their homes can be rebuilt, but consistent running water has been a problem.

Cameron Parish sent out a notice that there are limited working generators and wells to provide full-time water supply after Laura.

William Craft is living in an RV in Cameron and says he’s never sure if he’s going to have running water.

“It’s a big inconvenience. It’s been hit and miss on the water,” Craft said. "You get up sometimes and you don’t have water, some other times you would have water, but it’s not been anything scheduled.”

The Wastewater District is advising people to fill up their water tanks when possible, since the water will be cut off each night, but not everyone has that option, like Craft, who has been using bottled water instead.

"For some that’s fortunate enough to have a holding tank on their camper, they can fill them up, and get by; maybe a shower if they need it.”

Some residents in Cameron RV parks said they haven’t had an issue at all with water supply.

Even so, Craft has an important reminder for Cameron residents.

"Everybody should be cautious, with the water going in and out like this, to watch their hot water heaters and keep their breakers off to keep from burning their water heaters up.”

He hopes residents will soon get a better idea of when the water will be accessible.

"If they could come to some sort of schedule to run the generator; give us a schedule to know so we can prepare.”

Officials are also reminding residents and crews not to put debris on top of water meters, which could slow down the process of restoring the water supply.

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