Former McNeese Cowboy Josh Quayhagen wins first-ever Karate Combat World Championship

Former McNeese Cowboy Josh Quayhagen wins first-ever Karate Combat World Championship

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A former McNeese football player turned MMA fighter. Josh Quayhagen is always up for a challenge.

“There was a poster on a door in a bar that’s how I got into MMA. It said, ‘so you think you’re tough’ or something like that," Josh Quayhagen said.

But the competing didn’t stop when the Louisiana native retired from MMA fighting. His true passion found him about a year later.

Josh Quayhagen: “A guy calls and asks if I wanted to do a full-contact karate fight, which is right up my ally. Karate has always been my constant. I grew up in karate. I still competed up until this time in karate, even when I was doing MMA. My dad is a black belt. My grandparents are black belts. I learned to walk in the dojo. Getting kicked in the stomach was a part of life for a long time.”

After that call, Quayhagen got to work. The process was a challenge.

“I lost my first fight," said Quayhagen. "I went in a little overconfident and got knocked out. It floored me. It was one of those get back up or give up.”

He got back up. And started chasing the Karate Combat World Championship title. But, first, he had to prove himself.

“I won a fight. Then, I knew that they were going to start to put together how they were planning on doing the world championship – the format. So, I knew I was 1-1 and I wasn’t in the running, so I called out the top-ranked guy and I said I wanted to fight him,” Quayhagen expressed.

After winning that fight, Quayhagan talked Karate combat into a four-man tournament for the title. That way, he could give himself the best chance. And with being the competitor Quayhagen is – he outworked everybody and took home the first-ever Karate Combat World Championship. Moving forward, Quayhagen says the belt stays with him.

“It’s a target now. Until I stop fighting, I don’t want to give it up. I said it after the fight, ‘come take it from me if you can’ I know there’s a lot of guys that want it. It’s the first one and I know it’s cool to have the first one. But, until I am done, I want to be the only one wearing that belt,” Quayhagen admitted.

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