Saints-Panthers game in jeopardy, while health leaders warn of third wave

Sept. 27, 2020
Sept. 27, 2020(WVUE)
Updated: Oct. 19, 2020 at 9:36 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - As the city starts to open under Phase 3.2, it’s easy to understand why there’s a push to host fans in the dome again.

Fox 8 special contributor Jeff Duncan says there’s a lot at stake for the team, those who work in the dome, the fans, and gameplay.

“Is there a happy solution to both sides, I think they’re meeting to try and discuss… what that number is 5,000; 10,000 fans it’s probably still up in the air,” said Duncan.

But that compromise between the saints organization and city leaders is further complicated when teams across the country are reporting more positive tests.

He says the Saints have excelled in combatting the virus, though positive cases could have put the upcoming game against the Panthers in jeopardy.

“The Saints I think of all teams in the league have done as good a job as anybody at dealing with it, managing with it, and understanding that week to week you’ve got to stay on top of it you can’t let your guard down,” said Duncan. “If it were to be canceled they will reschedule that game for later in the season the NFL has prepared for this eventuality.”

Health educator Dr. Eric Griggs says understandably people are tired of COVID-19, but positive tests are popping up in sporting organizations across the country because people spread the virus.

“Until we find a find a happy medium that works we’re going to see him opening and closings stops and starts because of the essence of all of this the bottom line of all of this is that wherever there are people there will be the virus,” said Griggs.

It’s especially concerning he says as the United States is at the beginning of what health leaders have dubbed a “third wave” of COVID-19.

“We have two potential viruses out there and there’s no rule of law or nature that says you can only have one virus at a time, in theory you can have a cold that can lead to the flu that can lead to COVID-19 all at the same time on the same proximity which can be tragic,” said Griggs.

Which is why Griggs says large crowds, even in the name of our favorite Sunday pastime may be playing with danger.

“I’d rather wait and do it right then lose lives for the sake of a football team and I’m a huge Who Dat fan, LSU fan, you name it I love it, but right now it’s really about public safety,” said Griggs.

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