St. Louis High works to get students back on campus

St. Louis High works to get students back on campus

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - At the beginning of the school year, St. Louis Catholic High School planned to have in-person instruction, but after Hurricane Laura significantly damaged the building, students had to start school virtually.

After Hurricane Laura damaged facilities, principal Mia Touchet says it was a priority to get students back on St. Louis Catholic High School’s campus.

“That’s the thing with students, we just know that face-to-face community is what it’s about, and while we’ve done a tremendous job virtually with our one-to-one learning, we know that students need to be with each other, forming relationships and forming those soft skills.”

Touchet says 23 temporary buildings were put up in the past month, and they will serve as the school for now.

“We had an entire, almost little city built with structures and canopies and walkways," Touchet said. "Coordination from Entergy and from just everything that you can imagine going into building a new campus with the infrastructure.”

Matt Fontenot, director of advancement and external operations for the high school has been working on putting the campus together.

“Basically, all of these buildings, they’re modular trailers just like a mobile home. So, we built decking that is level with all of the floors of those trailers; so once you step up on the deck, you stay on that deck throughout the whole campus. There’s no steps and stairs that could potentially hurt the students.”

From the library, offices and classrooms, all the trailers together make up an actual school - just in time for the first day.

“We had basically, our only usable space on our campus was a practice football field. So you know, it’s a little crazy to think that what we’re standing on is a football field turned into a mobile home park, basically, is what it looks like.”

St. Louis Catholic High School will be starting orientation this week, and their first day of school will be Wednesday, October 21.

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