Calcasieu River crests five days after Hurricane Delta

Delta causes rising river levels

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Some parts of Southwest Louisiana are just now feeling the brunt of Hurricane Delta.

Delta may be long gone but its presence can still be felt in areas near the Calcasieu River. Residents who live off of Mims Road in Westlake say the water typically gets pretty high in any type of rain event, which is why most of the homes sit on piers. Jody George says he’s never seen the water as high as it’s been since Hurricane Delta made landfall.

“We moved to the river last May so we’ve been enjoying it but of course with the river comes flooding," George said. "For the most part, we’re prepared for that.”

Locals who live near the Saltwater Barrier are used to seeing high floodwater.

“This time of year, we usually don’t get flooding. It’s usually the Spring flood...There’s a flood plain that goes through Westlake. Right now, we’re seeing the water’s coming down from the north days later from we’re still being affected by Delta," said George.

The heavy rain from Delta coupled with the damage and debris from Hurricane Laura is something George said is making the journey back home to assess the damage a little bit more challenging.

“It’s never really gotten more than a half a foot on this road. So, it’s interesting to see what the water’s doing and where it’s coming from days later.”

However, George said there is a silver lining among the devastation.

“It’s rising pretty quick, daily I see a difference. It looks like it’s moving out just as quickly as it’s coming.”

The Calcasieu River crested at 9.5 feet at White Oak Park near Old Town Bay. River levels are expected to fall over the coming days.

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