City of Sulphur deals with hurricane damage

City of Sulphur deals with hurricane damage

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - No city in Southwest Louisiana was spared from Hurricane Laura, including the city of Sulphur.

Mayor Mike Danahay of Suphur says the city is still working on estimating the amount of damage Laura and Delta caused to city-owned property but says the damage from the hurricanes is extensive.

“Multiple buildings were damaged through the hurricane; Laura and of course, Delta,” Mayor Danahay said. "We’ve assessed that. We know of the damages that have been done. We’re of course working with our insurance and with FEMA representatives to mitigate that.”

To help those who are displaced from their homes, the Sulphur City Council passed an ordinance to allow temporary placement of travel trailers and mobile homes on residential properties.

"People are needing temporary housing; many people are displaced. We’re allowing them to bring in RVs, mobile homes or motor homes onto their premises.”

The city will give permits to allow this type of temporary housing.

"It’s a non-fee permit that will last up to six months, and then you can request an additional six months. We do anticipate that will happen with many people who have been displaced. We’re going to work with them any way possible so that they can get back into their homes.”

Mayor Danahay says despite the damage, he believes the city of Sulphur can move forward.

"It was very hurtful. I will say that. I know there’s a lot of people out there who are damaged by this. They’re displaced, some homes have been destroyed, businesses have been impacted. It’s devastating to us, it really is. However, we do believe that we will go forward, we will work very diligently to try to put our city back together. I think in the long run, we’ll be a better city for it.”

Mayor Danahay also says he is very proud to see how the Sulphur community has come together during this time of tragedy.

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