Neighborhoods in Welsh experience flooding after Hurricane Delta

The Town of Welsh deals with damage from Delta

WELSH, La. (KPLC) - The Town of Welsh saw more than its fair share of rain from Hurricane Delta. A day later, one neighborhood off of Dautel Street was still watching the water rise one to two inches every hour.

For resident Brandy McCorquodale, flooding in her home is something she’s always prepared for.

“It doesn’t seem like much but if they say we’re going to get over 6 inches, my heart starts pumping, because this could happen, the whole neighborhood this could happen,” McCorquodale said. “If I didn’t have this dam up right now, I’d have water in my home right now, at least over a foot.”

Although some homeowners on Dautel St. expect flooding, they don’t expect the extent Hurricane Delta brought.

“The amount of water we got for Delta, ended up flooding like it did because in the past floods it rained a lot more, so we’re a lot more concerned now because we got only 10, 12, 15 inches of rain and this usually doesn’t happen,” said John Hall, Fire Chief for the town of Welsh.

The amount of water causing the flooding on Dautel St, nearly 4 feet in some parts, is a combination of the rain from Hurricane Delta and the Laccasine Bayou just a mere 100 yards away from the neighborhood.

“Over the last 25 years, the Laccasine Bayou has started to not flow well,” Chief Hall said. "We’re concerned because Hurricane Laura put so many trees in our bayou and it’s just not flowing.”

As a result of the storm, the neighbors are waiting, once again for floodwaters to drop and their lives to start repairing.

“It’s a full-time job, you know, it doesn’t stop,” McCorquodale said. "As soon as the water starts coming, you’re running the pumps constantly keeping the water and now we’re just praying it doesn’t go over.”

Some parts of Dautel Street received nearly four feet of water as a result of the storm.

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