Delta causes heavy flooding in Kayouche Coulee

Delta causes heavy flooding in Kayouche Coulee

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Surveying the damage today – it’s clear, Laura and Delta were very different storms.

Hurricane Laura was mainly a wind event, while Delta brought the rain.

Those living near the Kayouche Coulee (between HWY 14 and Interstate 210) are dealing with significant flooding from Hurricane Delta. It’s bringing back heartbreaking memories of Harvey threes years ago.

Residents say the water rose very quickly.

"It was like for a minute you could see the water on the street, said Terrell Cole. "I got up to use the restroom, I come back, and the water was coming in the house.”

“Next thing i notices was that the water was rising up in the house and i started going from room to room and i could see it creeping in,” said Anthony Dennis. "After a while, the next thing i know, it was coming in pretty good.”

Anthony Dennis lives in the Terrace neighborhood and had several inches of water in his home.

"I had about an ankle deep in my house. The yard was pretty – it was up to the running boards of my vehicle, my SUV.”

It was the same situation for many residents, including Terrell Cole, who says the water was up to his shins.

For Cole, this reminds him of Hurricane Harvey, which flooded his house in 2017.

"Me and my mom, we’ve been displaced. We stayed with my sister for 2 years. We come back home and this happened.”

Cole says something should be done to prevent these homes from being flooded again.

"I think they should give us some more security back here; you know. I love Lake Charles, but God, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough.”

Some say almost as quickly as the water rose, it receded into the coulee.

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