Lt. Gov. Nungesser talks insurance claims on LC visit

Lt. Gov. Nungesser talks insurance claims on LC visit

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser was in Lake Charles at an event held at the site of a law firm’s mobile insurance claims assistance center.

Nungesser himself survived hurricane Katrina. He admits he sued to get what was fair after being a victim of Katrina.

While the event seemed more like a political event, it was billed as a hurricane recovery rally and lunch to thank volunteers helping citizens pull through trying times.

The firm, Gauthier, Murphy & Houghtaling, has represented people they say got a raw deal from insurance companies.

“Invariably, what we’re seeing more and more, this is getting very systematic, is the carriers are outsourcing to people who are committing insurance fraud. Criminal insurance fraud,” said Attorney John Houghtaling.

They also talked about cases in which consumers were the victims of unscrupulous insurers ultimately charged with crimes.

Douglas Quinn is executive director of the American Policyholder Association.

“An insurance company paid me .37 on the dollar and sent out an engineer to create a fraudulent report to say all that damage was there already, except I had just built my house. I had just bought it. I knew, I had engineer reports, I had inspections, I had pictures showing none of that happened and they created a fraudulent report and were able to cheat me and I fought them and fought them,” he said.

Nungesser says he had to go to court to get what he paid insurance premiums for and that he will work to see those in Southwest Louisiana treated fairly.

“There are some good companies out there, some good adjusters and are some people who want to do the right thing. But when you’re desperate and trying to get back in your home, it’s so important that those companies treat you fairly and do the right thing. And we’re here today and we will be back as often as it takes until everyone is back in their home and they are treated fairly,” said Nungesser.

Nungesser would not confirm or deny he is running for governor saying only, “That’s three years away.

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