Irreplaceable church symbols remain unscathed after Hurricane Laura

Irreplaceable church symbols remain unscathed after Hurricane Laura

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - After the storm surge Rev. D.B. Thompson Diocesan Priest for both Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Cameron and Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, wasn’t expecting the churches to still stand.

“The damage is extensive, and I should mention as well, extensive in our cemetery,” Rev. Thompson said. “Nonetheless, it’s probably better than I could have anticipated before.”

Though they saved as much of the churches as the could prior to the storm, there were some things that weren’t able to be moved.

“It’s a beautiful sign to see I would say, to see the church still standing,” Rev. Thompson said.

The statue of Mary in the tower of Sacred Heart, a painting of the crucifixion, the baptistry and the shrine of Our Lady Star of the Sea all withstood Hurricane Laura, and all were left unscathed. But this isn’t the first time the shrine has withstood a storm.

“Mr. McCall lost his wife and children in Audrey, and so, the statue of the Blessed Virgin that is the center of the shrine, is modeled by the craftsmen after the picture of his wife and one of his children as a reminder. And a remembrance for all those who lost their lives as a result of the hurricane,” Rev. Thompson said. “She’s a beacon of the testimony that God has not abandoned us, that He has not forgotten us, that He shows His signs of providence and His signs of care, even in the midst of this great destruction.”

The Our Lady of the Star of the Sea shrine has unscathed through some of the strongest storms to hit SWLA, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, and now Hurricane Laura.

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