Carver Elementary creates wish-list to replace books damaged by Hurricane Laura

Carver Elementary creates wish-list to replace books damaged by Hurricane Laura

DERIDDER, La. (KPLC) - Hurricane Laura caused extensive damage to Beauregard Parish schools. One of those, an elementary school whose library had extensive water damage.

G. W. Carver Elementary in DeRidder has now started a wish-list of books to help aid in the repairs needed for their library.

Vice Principal PJ Crowe says when the community heard about the destruction received at the school, people wanting to help began contacting her.

“Because we had to be specific in the types of books that we wanted to give our children, they asked for a wish-list, for our librarian to prepare a wish-list to be sure that they were purchasing the correct books for age level.”

After Librarian Deana Paul created the wish-list, books began pouring in.

“The response has been overwhelming. I’ve had to update my list probably four to five times. Everyday actually, I’ve updated the list because they just keep buying, and they keep sending, and they keep asking on Facebook when is she going to update the list.”

But it isn’t just the local community who has reached out to help the school in a time of need.

“When this first hit social media we were surprised to receive the response that we did. We have received correspondence from two publishing companies. One in Atlanta, Georgia, and one in Houston, offering to send books to us. We’ve also heard from individuals as far away as Massachusetts and Hawaii. People just wanting to help our school.”

Both Paul and Crowe say they are thankful for all the help they are receiving.

“We just want to extend our most sincere thanks to those who have contributed. To those who have contacted us personally to express their sorrow for seeing our library destroyed the way that it was. But we wish mostly to say thanks to everyone who has helped”

Crowe says that the wish-list can be found on the schools website or Amazon.

If you would like to donate books in person to Carver Elementary, there is a drop off box at the Beauregard Parish Library.

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