Cameron and Creole Fire Department still operating after Hurricane Laura

Cameron and Creole Fire Department still operating after Hurricane Laura

CAMERON PARISH, La. (KPLC) - After Hurricane Laura destroyed three fire stations, the Cameron and Creole Volunteer Fire Department have been operating from the hospital.

With predicted high waters hitting the fire station, Chief Tim Dupont explained they knew they had to evacuate. Now, with their fire station destroyed, they’re operating from a new home base.

“This is basically where we relocated after the hurricane,” Dupont said. “It was a central location, and being that we had one out of four stations left, this would be the best place to service lower Cameron Parish.”

In a less than ideal situation, they’re still trying to serve their community.

“It allows us to service the people,” Dupond said.  “There’s not a lot of structures that we’re having to worry about right now as far as fires goes. Main thing we’re concerned about, is the fact that, if somebody needs some type of extrication from their vehicles because of an accident, we’re able to provide that service for them.”

If a fire does occur, Chief Dupont said they’re prepared.

“We’re fortunate that we do have water in the hydrants now, something we didn’t have when we got here for a while,” Dupont said. “But now, that it’s starting, we still don’t have a lot of hydrants that work, but we’re getting there. So, we’re just able to go out and do what we got to do to keep it away from structures. It’s basically you let it burn until the marsh and keep it away from structures.”

There is still a continuing burn ban due to dry conditions. Chief Dupont urges everyone to not light a fire under any circumstances in Cameron Parish.

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