Recovery Outreach helps residents in Cameron Parish

Updated: Sep. 24, 2020 at 6:20 PM CDT
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SWEET LAKE, La. (KPLC) - Recovery Outreach is a service-based organization that responds to individuals and families that have been affected by hurricanes.

The non-profit organization based in California works with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. As a team, they travel across the United States helping with property clean up, demolition, and provide central relief locations to families in need.

The team traveled all the way to Southwest Louisiana to help with recovery efforts. Scott Fraize with Recovery Outreach said they’ve been in the area going on two weeks and stumbled upon Karen Hackett’s home.

“One of the houses we [did] yesterday, their neighbor knows Karen and said you know she’s out here [and] she’s in a wheelchair,” he said.

Fraize said the neighbor suggested the team go out and help Ms. Hackett. That same neighbor contacted Ms. Hackett to tell her about the organization and how they’re helping people in the area.

“He said there’s a group of guys from California working in my neighbor’s yard and they’re doing a very good job,” Hackett said. “I said well you know I can’t spend any money right now; he said I think they work for free and I said well that would be a Godsend.”

There’s no doubt cutting down and removing 30 trees is no easy task. But for the guys, it’s what they live for.

“It just fills us up, like I said it’s really about giving back you know,” Fraize said. “For us to be able to give [...] everything we have [and] put our hearts into everything every single day [...] that’s life.”

The team also helped clean up a local thrift store in the area that was completely destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

“So, we’re over there basically pulling all the brick, the front door, the rubble,” he said. “We’re just bringing everything out to the street so we can give them a clean slab.”

Local resident Rodger Smith said seeing the thrift store in complete shambles is difficult. His daughter has owned the thrift store for years.

While it’s hard to see it destroyed, he appreciates the needed help.

“They’re good people, they’ve come to help,” he said. “[It’s] like [when]l you see somebody with a flat tire on the side of the road, an old man [or] old lady- you’re going to stop and help, it’s the same feeling for them.”

The Recovery Outreach team plans to continue to help as many people as they can before returning home.

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