Woodworker turns downed trees into works of art

Woodworker turns downed trees into works of art

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - All over Southwest Louisiana are scenes of trees downed from Hurricane Laura. One local woodworker is turning that debris into works of art.

After seeing what Laura did to so many trees in the area, Chris Cruze decided to repurpose them.

"I want to rescue these downed trees and do something with them,” Cruze said. “You can bring your stumps or limbs or a little hunk of wood to me, and what I’ll do is turn a bowl or a cup or a candle holder or whatever comes out of it.”

It takes Cruze about eight hours to make each piece.

"I already have about 20 orders. I’m almost booked until Christmas.”

He says he doesn’t like to make the same thing twice.

"Anything you’re going to get is going to be unique and different and one of a kind. It’s always a good conversation piece.”

Cruze says these can be commemorative pieces to pass down for years to come.

Larger bowls and cups are $100, and smaller cups and candle holders are $50. For more information, visit Cruze’s Louisiana Outdoors on Facebook.

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