Flooding concerns in Cameron Parish due to Tropical Depression Beta

Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 9:58 PM CDT
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CAMERON PARISH, La. (KPLC) - High water is causing issues for motorists in parts of Cameron Parish.

Parts of LA-27 in the parish was covered with water, Tuesday, making it difficult for some travelers to pass.

Josh Dunnehoo says he noticed the flooding on his morning commute to work.

“This morning, we come in at about 4:30, the water was up over the road pretty good. Probably somewhere around five or six inches, and as some of the crews came in later on in the day they told us it was little deeper. Like, there are a couple guys with cars, they opted out not to come in, they didn’t want to drive through the water.”

Others decided to drive through it, such as Ami vincent who commutes to Lake Charles everyday. Though, she says after this morning she might have to think twice.

“There was a current with the water, and it pushed some debris onto the road. So, I went to work today and I got through it this morning and let my boss know that I will not be going back tomorrow. Were going to hunker down for a few days.”

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson advises motorists not to try driving through water if its too high, especially at night.

“If you come across water you’re not aware of on the roadway, that’s a dangerous situation. But we’ll also be out monitoring traffic and stopping people. There’s no reason for anybody to be out during curfew unless its industry where they have to be out.”

Sheriff Johnson says he wants people to keep in mind that road conditions in Cameron Parish are not at all normal right now, as the parish continues to clean and rebuild.

“There’s a lot going on down here, its not a tourist area. Its not a look-lou thing. People just need to be down there just to take care of business and that right there if we eliminate the people that’s coming down just to look, that will take care of a lot of traffic problems right there.”

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